Browser plugin (any current suggestions)?

Browsers & Npapi

Occasionally I need to try out SumatraPDF NPAPI (Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface) embedded in a portable browser (mainly out of interest about changes in browser functions) introduced in 1995 most recent browsers dropped support for it two decades later in 2015.

The browser plugin alows you to view online .djvu .xps etc the same way as online .pdf

here is a djvu file in the latest version of Seamonkey 2.49.3 (May 2018)

Here is my list of recent observations (Any feedback from others still using it ?)

Seamonkey & Firefox release 52ESR for XP are current best all round means of running SumatraPDF browser plug-in on all versions of windows (XP to 10x64)

Waterfox current lists the PDF plugin but I have problems trying to run it ? wrong x64 version ?

midori 0.5.11 (2015) and Otter 0.9.99rc9 (2018) both work but frustratingly have cross platform issues with rendering the toolbar ??

Slimjet 10.0.13 (Chromium 50 for XP) Works as expected when Chromium Viewer is disabled
Vivaldi 1.10 (Last XP version) Listed plugin but not working so only use inbuilt PDF Viewer

actually it works with firefox 32bit, but not 64bit…

@rfvv Cheers can you confirm which version you tested ? since more recent ones supposedly dropped support. the current list on seems to exclude any current firefox