Blank Pages in Document


I have a couple of PDF documents that if I open in Chrome or Adobe all the content is shown. If i open them in Sumatra they are blank. If I select the page it goes yellow, but no text/images are displayed. I am assuming that the whole document was scanned in at the same time, but 2 pages out of the 7 are to displaying. Any advise?


Without a sample all I can suggest is you try to REPRINT to PDF which may remove some embedded features and “normalise” the output. It is odd that only 2 of 7 pages have a problem, however it is possible they were edited at some time and it is quite common for edits to be placed in the file after the retained pages so if not done correctly they may be “unseen” by other applications.



Another user had a random blank page that turned out to be a faulty page transition I ran that file through a split and join sequence that cleared the faulty page load. You may wish to give Angus Johnsons PDFTK Gui (link in other post) a try on your files and let us know if it makes a difference. see Bug report (maybe)


Thank you GitHubRulesOK.

I have downloaded and split the document using Angus application, but the page still appears blank. Due to the nature of the document I am unable to send it to you unfortunately. Trying to find a document that it happens on that I can share.


Thanks for info
That would usually suggest there is either a fault or two in the file or it has features that are uncommon.
A very lightweight tool to try a quick fix is
you only need the 310 KB zipped executables (just unzip the two files to a folder, no need to install) when you start the .exe there are 3 options. It will start with incremental run, load the suspect file , it may report any errors it finds, ignore the settings and jump to the last “Extra” tab, watch the “Document Edition” field does it say more than 1:edition, if so you can change the number in bottom left and save as an earlier edition, use save as to not overwrite the source file ? reopen the source file and try the complete rewrite on one run, save as a different name and again opening the original file try repair on another see if any of those 3 are now good.


Hey GitHubRulesOK,

So I created 3 new version using the tool and all version still had the same issue.


Thanks for checking, I have to “guess” those pages contain features that are less common and possible driven/created by JavaScript, examples would be Annotation, 3D image, XFA form, Media / Movie etc , Adobe spec recommends such files normally provide a replacement warning that a pdf contains such data.
As the files are confidential it means only you can investigate further , I could try suggesting alternate viewers that can resave PDF, so the initial solution will be back to first suggestion to “print” as an alternative “dumbed down” PDF via one of the apps that reliably shows the content.
Always helps others if you later find a cause and solution to reply here.