Black background in fullscreen?


I was so annoyed with adobe acrobat with not supporting smooth scrolling in fullscreen. So I found Sumatra. Great, it supports smooth scrolling in full screen. win!

But, for some otherworldly reason, the background is grey! And no way to change it?
Sure, in presentation mode the background is black, but then smooth scrolling doesn’t work.

is there a universal law that prohibits things to be perfect?
Sorry for this rant. Just annoyed in general when things are changed for no reason.



don’t have time just now to find the specific command but if you search forum and github issues for the word GradientColors you should find the setting you need it does not need to be three colours you can specify ONE.(or two)

[Later] the official description for changing GradientColors, which also applies to fullscreen (and other color choices) can be found at for an example of gradient colors in action see


Go to Setting >> Advanced Options
edit text file:

FixedPageUI [
TextColor = #ffffff
BackgroundColor = #000000