Asian comic books need to change the order of left and right pages.

  1. Asian comic books need to change the order of left and right pages, for some Asian books are read from right to left.

  2. In book mode, some books need to display the cover separately to ensure the continuity of left and right pages.



There is a command line setting -manga-mode mode : Enables or disables “Manga mode” for reading (mainly Japanese) comic books from right to left. Mode must be “true” or 1 for enabling and “false” or 0 for disabling this feature. For having two shortcuts with and without this may be a solution.

However if most are in the same direction (R2L) use settings > advanced options and change false to true
CbxMangaMode = true

For each file there is an entry DisplayR2L = false or true that may depend on internal flags in the comic

Another related setting is setting > options the Default Layout when opening you can set it to Bookview (with cover) or Facing (without cover)


Thank you for your reply.

I looked into the advanced Settings, but I couldn’t find the“Manga mode”.

I found the CbxMangaMode and set CbxMangaMode = true but nothing happened

DisplayR2L = false cannot be modified

I still can’t figure it out.


Looking closer at your image it is a .mobi file and manga mode is not applied to e-publications

Also you are using Fixed interface so the only control option will be facing or book and page order is down to the author(ing) application


What a pity!

I think e-publications needs manga mode Too!